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Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: 58212-6550101

Urbanización Prados del Este, Avenida Río Caura, Torre Humboldt, Nivel Mezzanina, Local 3,
1080 Caracas

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 8 AM - 6 PM. Weekends and Holidays Closed

Official name: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Area: 916,445 km2
Length of coast: 3000 km approximate ranging from Castilletes to the promontory of Paria in the Caribbean sea
Location: North end of South America, where the continent lies with the Caribbean Sea
Coordinates: Latitude: between the 00 ° 38' 53 "and 12 ° 12' 00" West longitude: between the 59 ° 47' 50 "and 73 ° 22' 38"
Limits: to the North by the Caribbean Sea, on the East by the Republic of Guyana and the Atlantic Ocean, to the South by Brazil and to the West with Colombia
Extreme points:
-Pico Bolívar, 5.007 m. of altitude, in the State of Mérida, where is located the highest and longest cable car in the world.
-Angel Falls, 979 m. Canaima, Bolivar State. It is the highest waterfall in the world
-Lake Maracaibo, the largest in South America
-Orinoco River, the third-longest in South America
-The Guri dam is the second hydroelectric of the world
Area of national parks and natural monuments: in total there are 43 national parks and 22 natural monuments, amounting to 21,76% of Venezuelan territory
Territorial political division: 23 States, 1 Capital District and 72 federal units in the Caribbean Sea
Capital: Caracas
Population: 30 million inhabitants
Population density: 30 inhabitants / km2
Language: Castilian
Religion: Mostly Catholic
System of Government: Socialist democracy
Official time: GMT - 4 hours
Average temperature: 26 ° C
Electricity: 110 volts
Vaccines: Vaccines do not need to enter the country
Currency: Bolívares (Bs)
Main Rivers: Orinoco - Ventuari - Caura - Caroní - Casiquiare - Meta - Apure
Main products: petroleum, natural gas, iron, bauxite, cereals, fruits, sugar, coffee and tourism
Cableway: in Merida - Venezuela is located the highest cableway of the world.

Political Map of Venezuela

Map of National Parks of Venezuela

Map of Natural Monuments of Venezuela

Vegetation Map of Venezuela

Map of the Islands of Venezuela

Official Holidays in Venezuela: nonworking days

-January 1: New Year
-February-March: Monday and Tuesday, Carnival
-March-April: Thursday and Friday, Easter Week
-April 19: Independence Declaration
-May 1: Workers Day
-June 24: Anniversary of the Battle of Carabobo
-July 5: Independence Day
-July 24: Birthday of Simon Bolivar
-October 12: Day of Indigenous Resistance
-December 24: Christmas Eve
-December 25: Christmas
-December 31: New Year's Eve

Other Holidays in Venezuela:

- January 6 - Three Kings Day - Workable optional.
- January 14 - Day of the Divina Pastora - Lara State and surroundings - Workable optional.
- January 15 - Teacher's Day - Not working only for teachers.
- March 19 - Day of Saint Joseph - Workable.
- August 3 - National Flag Day - Workable.
- August 15 - Day of the Virgen de Consolación - State Táchira - Workable optional.
- September 11 - Day of the Nuestra Señora de Coromoto - Workable.
- October 9 – Foundation of Merida - Not working in Mérida State.
- November 1 - All Saints Day - Workable.
- November 2 - Day of the Dead – Workable.
- November 13 - Day of the Virgen del Socorro - Not working in Carabobo State.
- November 18 - Day of the Virgen de la Chinita - Not working in Zulia State.
- December 8 – Day of the Inmaculada Concepción – Workable.
- December 10 - National Aviation Day – Workable.
- December 17 - Death of Liberator Simon Bolivar – Workable.
- December 27 - Day of San Benito Bobures - Not working in Bobures.

Patriotic Symbols of Venezuela
The flag, the national anthem and the coat of arms are the patriotic symbols of Venezuela.


National Symbols of Venezuela
The patriotic symbols of Venezuela are the flag, the coat of arms, and the national anthem. Since Venezuela's diversity of flora and fauna is remarkable, the government also officially declared these national symbols:

The national flower is the orchid (Cattleya mossiae). This kind of orchid is also known as Flor de Mayo (May Flower). It was first discovered in the northern land in 1849 and was given the status of National emblem, National Flower on 23 May 1951.

The national tree is the araguaney (Tabebuia chrysantha). Called aravanei by the caribes indians, it can be found mostly in regions with temperate weather. It can reach a height between 6 and 12 m. The araguaney flourishes within the period following a rainy season, mostly in the first months of the year. Rómulo Gallegos referred to these months as "La primavera de oro de los araguaneyes" (the golden spring of the 'araguaneyes'). Declared National Tree on 29 May 1945.

The national bird is the turpial (Icterus icterus). Fully colored with yellow-orange tones except in the head and the wings, which are black with a few tones in white; also has a blue spot surrounding the eyes. It can be found in woods, the llanos, at the shores of jungles, and in northern and southern Orinoco. The turpial is fairly appreciated due to its singing and was declared the National Bird on 23 May 1958.

Alma Llanera
The Alma Llanera is a Joropo whose music was composed by Pedro Elias Gutierrez based on a text by Rafael Bolívar Coronado. It is considered the second national anthem of Venezuela. It premiered at the Teatro Municipal de Caracas on September 19, 1914.

States and Capitals of Venezuela


Distrito Capital - Caracas
Amazonas - Puerto Ayacucho
Anzoátegui - Barcelona
Apure - San Fernando
Aragua - Maracay
Barinas - Barinas
Bolívar - Ciudad Bolívar
Carabobo - Valencia
Cojedes - San Carlos
Delta Amacuro - Tucupita
Falcón - Coro
Guárico - San Juan de los Morros
Lara - Barquisimeto
Mérida - Mérida
Miranda - Los Teques
Monagas - Maturín
Nueva Esparta - La Asunción
Portuguesa - Guanare
Sucre - Cumaná
Táchira - San Cristóbal
Trujillo - Trujillo
Vargas - La Guaira
Yaracuy - San Felipe
Zulia - Maracaibo

Phone Codes of Venezuela

Country Code: 58

To call Venezuela must dial: 00 + 58 + State code + Phone Number

Amazonas 248
Anzoátegui 235 - 281 - 282 - 283 - 285 - 292
Apure 247 - 277 - 278
Aragua 243 - 244 - 246
Caracas 212
Barcelona 281
Barquisimeto 251
Barinas 258 - 273
Bolívar 286 - 288
Carabobo 241 - 242 - 245 - 249
Ciudad Bolívar 285
Cumaná 293
Delta Amacuro 287
Dependencias Federales 237
Falcón 264 - 266 - 268 - 269
Guárico 238
La Guaira 212
Lara 251 - 252 - 253
Maracay 243
Maracaibo 261
Merida 271 - 274 - 275
Miranda 212 - 234 - 239
Monagas 291
Nueva Esparta 295
Portuguesa 255 - 256 - 257
Porlamar 295
San Cristóbal 276
Sucre 293 - 294 - 276
Trujillo 272
Valencia 241
Yaracuy 254
Zulia 261 - 262 - 263

Venezuelan Gastronomy
Venezuelan cuisine is an expression of our color, our season and our joy. Like us, Venezuelan food is varied, full of contrasts and flavor. Travel the roads of Venezuelan cuisine is to know a world of unforgettable flavors and aromas. Every dish from our kitchen carries a history and a feeling. These are some typical Venezuelan dishes:

The arepa is the bread of Venezuelans. It is made with corn meal can be cooked and baked, grilled or fried. Is filled with different flavors: shredded beef, cheese, pork and chicken.

The hallaca is the traditional Christmas dish. It is made with corn dough and filled with a stew that has different ingredients such as meat, chicken, pork, olives, capers, pepper, onion, raisins. Wrapped with banana leaves and boiled in water until it is cooked. It is very common in early December; the family meets to prepare hallacas.

The Pabellón is considered the national dish. It consists of shredded beef, black beans and rice. Usually accompanied by fried plantains that is placed around the plate, so he says "drop-side flag."

The cachapa is prepared with a mixture of corn, sweet flavor. Usually heated in an iron and folded, inserted between the two sides a hand cheese (white cheese).

Venezuelans are typical appetizers, include cheese covered dough. Fry in oil, making the cheese melts. You can bathe the tequeño in pink sauce (mayonnaise and ketchup)

The empanadas in Venezuela are made with cornmeal and fried. Its contents are varied, but the most common are meat, cheese, fish and domino (white cheese with beans).

Casabe is made from cassava, smooth taste, is used to accompany meals can be eaten with cheese and cream. If it is baked is an excellent substitute for bread.

Venezuelan Fauna
The fauna of Venezuela, has a great diversity of mammals, reptiles, birds and fish, which are characteristic of the tropics:
Mammals and reptiles Armadillo, ocelot, anteater, spectacled bear, sloth, jaguar, puma, tapir, deer, capybara, otters, monkeys, apes, cayman, snakes, turtles.
Birds Oriole (national bird of Venezuela), macaws, arpia eagle, parrots, toucans, guácharos, herons.
Fishes of the sea and rivers tuna, caribes, sardines, mackerel, cachamas, coporos, groupers, snappers, dolphins, pavones, piranhas, catalana.






Venezuelan Flora
Venezuela has a unique botanical heritage for evaluation in biological, genetic, medicinal and food is just beginning. It is estimated that the flora of Venezuela comprises not less than 18,000 species of higher plants. Among the approximately 215 families that make up the Venezuelan flora, the most important in numerical order are: orchids, grasses, legumes, compound, Rubiaceae and Melastomataceae. Probably 10% of all known plant species are endemic in Venezuela, that is, they are only growing in this country, and one set floristic more remarkable for their high degree of endemism and plant growth is no stranger doubt the tabular mountains "Tepuyes" of Guiana, which are spread throughout southern Venezuela: in the flat and rocky summits of these mountains, historic and ecologically isolated from the surrounding lowland systems, many species have developed peculiar plants that have adapted to the harsh climatic conditions and extreme poverty of nutrients in sandy or rocky substrates.



Distances in kilometers between cities of Venezuela from Caracas

Abejales-Barinas 710
Acarigua 333
Achaguas 494
Agua Viva 548
Altagracia De Orituco (Vía Cua) 199
Altagracia De Orituco (Vía Santa Teresa) 147
Anaco (Vía Charallave) 498
Anaco (Vía Costa) 391
Anaco (Vía Los Llanos) 545
Apartaderos 612
Apurito (Vía Los Llanos) 526
Aragua De Barcelona (Vía Charallave) 450
Aragua De Barcelona (Vía Costa) 418
Aragua De Barcelona (Vía Los Llanos) 497
Arapuey 594
Bailadores (Vía Los Llanos) 771
Bailadores (Vía Panamericana) 911
Barbacoas 169
Barcelona (Vía Costa) 311
Barinas 515
Barinitas 541
Barquisimeto (Vía Nirgua) 347
Barquisimeto (Vía San Felipe) 377
Barrancas De Barinas 491
Barrancas Del Orinoco 687
Bella Vista (Estado Aragua) (Vía San Mateo) 110
Biruaca 412
Biscucuy (Vía Barquisimeto) 490
Biscucuy (Vía Guanare) 481
Bobare 379
Boca De Aroa 239
Boca De Uchire 211
Boconó (Vía Barquisimeto) 543
Boconó (Vía Guanare) 535
Boconoito 469
Bohordal 598
Bruzual 690
Burere 466
Cabimas 643
Cabruta 531
Caicara Del Orinoco (Vía Altagracia) 531
Caicara Del Orinoco (Vía Enc. Sombro) 536
Caicara Del Orinoco (Vía Pardillal) 504
Caja Seca 622
Calabozo 273
Camaguan 375
Camatagua 125
Campo Carabobo 186
Campo Parabueno 680
Cantaura (Vía Charallave) 516
Cantaura (Vía Costa) 409
Cantaura (Vía Los Llanos) 563
Caño Zancudo 683
Cariaco 484
Caripe 538
Caripito 577
Carmen De Cura 125
Carora 445
Carúpano 543
Casanay 500
Chabasquen 476
Chaguaramas (Vía Charallave) 274
Chaguaramas (Vía Los Llanos) 321
Chejende 537
Chivacoa (Vía Nirgua) 288
Chivacoa (Vía San Felipe) 318
Churuguara 506
Ciudad Bolívar (Vía Costa) 581
Ciudad Bolívar (Vía Los Llanos) 696
Ciudad Bolivia (Vía Los Llanos) 575
Ciudad Ojeda 611
Clarines (Vía Costa) 248
Cocoyar (Estado Sucre) 496
Cogoyar (Estado Aragua) 103
Colon (Vía Panamericana) 776
Coloncito 785
Copa De Oro (Vía Los Llanos) 827
Copa De Oro (Vía Panamericana) 869
Coro 445
Corozo Pando 330
Crucero Carabobo 175
Cuicas 518
Cumana (Vía Costa) 402
Cumanacoa 475
Dabajuro 574
Dos Caminos 194
Ejido 794
El Callao (Vía Costa) 858
El Callao (Vía Los Llanos) 973
El Corozo (Estado Táchira) 808
El Dividive 562
El Dorado (Vía Costa) 958
El Dorado (Vía Los Llanos) 1073
El Palito 203
El Pilar 563
El Porvenir 433
El Rastro (Guárico - Vía Los Llanos) 260
El Samán De Apure (Vía Los Llanos) 551
El Socorro (Vía Los Llanos) 389
El Sombrero (Vía Charallave) 184
El Sombrero (Vía Los Llanos) 231
El Tigre (Vía Costa) 465
El Tigre (Vía Los Llanos) 574
El Tigrito (Vía Costa) 467
El Tocuyo 407
El Venado (Estado Zulia) 562
El Vigía 718
Elorza (Vía Los Llanos) 705
Encrucijada (Cagua)(Vía Autopista) 98
Encrucijada (Cagua)(Vía Carretera) 100
Estanques 756
Fila De Jorge 93
Flor De Patria 539
Guanape (Vía Santa Teresa) 256
Guanare 425
Guárico 434
Guasdualito (Vía Barinas) 837
Guasdualito (Vía Los Llanos) 799
Guasipati (Vía Costa) 839
Guasipati (Vía Los Llanos) 955
Guigue 160
Guiria (Vía Costa - Rio Caribe) 680
Guiria (Vía Costa El Pilar) 672
Independencia (Estado Táchira) (Vía Llanos) 836
Independencia (Estado Táchira) (Vía Panamericana) 878
Irapa (Vía Costa El Pilar) 637
Irapa (Vía Costa Rio Caribe) 645
Km. 88 1084
La Arepa (Zulia) 555
La Azulita (Vía Los Llanos) 753
La Cejita 560
La Flecha 350
La Fortaleza 471
La Fría 808
La Grita (Vía Panamericana) 846
La Pedrera 720
La Victoria (Estado Mérida) 746
Lagunillas (Estado Zulia) 603
Las Brujitas 397
Las Guacas 755
Las Mercedes (Estado Guárico) 355
Las Trinitarias (Vía Panamericana) 350
Lezama 219
Libertad De Orituco 245
Machiques (Vía Falcón - Zulia) 841
Machiques (Vía Lara - Zulia) 819
Mamporal 124
Mantecal (Vía Los Llanos) 619
Maracaibo (Vía Falcón-Zulia) 706
Maracaibo (Vía Lara-Zulia) 684
Maracay (Vía Autopista) 133
Marin (Estado Falcón) 269
Mariguitar 446
Maturín 518
Mene De Mauroa 631
Mérida (Vía Los Llanos) 671
Mérida (Vía Panamericana) 811
Michelena 848
Monay 530
Montalbán 216
Morón 213
Motatan (Vía Agua Viva) 569
Muelles De Cariaco 475
Nirgua 247
Ortiz 188
Pampanito 550
Paraguachon 954
Paraguaipoa 777
Pardillal 95
Pariaguan (Vía Los Llanos) 517
Paso De Cura 132
Peraza (Vía Agua Viva) 559
Petroquímica 218
Porlamar 382
Puente Torres (Estado Lara) (Vía Nirgua) 421
Puente Torres (Estado Lara) (Vía San Felipe) 451
Puerto Ayacucho (Vía Caicara) 919
Puerto Ayacucho (Vía Puerto Páez) 715
Puerto Cabello 217
Puerto Cumarebo 407
Puerto La Cruz (Vía Costa) 349
Puerto Nutrias (Vía Guanare) 718
Puerto Nutrias (Vía San Fernando) 695
Puerto Ordaz (Vía Costa) 674
Puerto Ordaz (Vía Los Llanos) 790
Puerto Páez 625
Punta De Mata 456
Punto Fijo 539
Quibor 379
Rio Acarigua 348
Rio Caribe 565
Rubio (Vía Los Llanos) 833
Sabana De Machango 567
Sabana De Mendoza 571
Sabana De Parra (Vía Nirgua) 307
Sabana De Parra (Vía San Felipe) 337
Sabaneta (Estado Falcón) 492
Sabaneta (Estado Lara) 431
San Antonio (Estado Monagas) 503
San Antonio (Estado Trujillo) 509
San Antonio Del Golfo 459
San Antonio Del Ta. (Vía Los Llanos) 862
San Antonio Del Ta. (Vía Panamericana) 904
San Carlos 254
San Cristóbal (Vía Los Llanos) 815
San Cristóbal (Vía Panamericana) 881
San Felipe 278
San Félix (Vía Costa) 695
San Félix (Vía Los Llanos) 801
San Fernando De Apure (Vía Los Llanos) 405
San Francisco (Estado Monagas) 515
San Jose De Guaribe (Vía Santa Teresa) 214
San Juan De Colon 837
San Juan De Los Morros (Vía Autopista) 146
San Juan De Los Morros (Vía Carretera) 145
San Juan De Payara 441
San Mateo (Estado Aragua) (Vía Autopista) 93
San Mateo (Estado Aragua) (Vía Carretera) 77
San Rafael (Estado Mérida) 619
San Rafael Del Mojan 724
San Sebastián 113
San Tome (Vía Costa) 476
Santa Barbara De Barinas 663
Santa Barbara Del Zulia 773
Santa Inés (Estado Lara) 446
Santa Lucia (Vía La Peñita - L.Tovar) 74
Seboruco 832
Sinamaica 744
Socopo (Estado Barinas) (Vía Los Llanos) 607
Sta. Cruz De Mara 698
Sta. Cruz De Mora 752
Sta. Elena De Uairen 1276
Sta. María De Ipire (Vía Los Llanos) 445
Tariba (Vía Panamericana) 875
Temblador 620
Timotes (Vía Monay) 651
Tinaco 238
Tinaquillo 210
Tovar (Vía Los Llanos) 756
Tovar (Vía Panamericana) 767
Trinidad De Arichuna (Vía San Juan Morros) 729
Trinidad De Arichuna (Vía Guanare) 878
Trujillo (Vía Monay) 559
Tucacas 250
Tucupido (Estado Guárico) (Vía Charallave) 337
Tucupido (Estado Guárico) (Vía Los Llanos) 385
Tucupido (Estado Portuguesa) 447
Tucupita 719
Tumeremo (Vía Costa) 893
Tumeremo (Vía Los Llanos) 1009
Turen 388
Turmero (Vía Autopista) 102
Turmero (Vía Carretera) 86
Upata (Vía Costa) 738
Upata (Vía Los Llanos) 854
Ureña (Vía Los Llanos) 884
Ureña (Vía Panamericana) 951
Valencia (Vía Autopista) 176
Valencia (Vía Carretera) 154
Valera (Vía Agua Viva) 580
Valera (Vía Monay) 571
Valle De La Pascua (Vía Charallave) 307
Valle De La Pascua (Vía Los Llanos) 354
Valle De Morín (Estado Aragua) 112
Valle Guanape (Vía Santa Teresa) 238
Villa De Cura (Vía Autopista) 123
Villa De Cura (Vía San Mateo) 124
Yaguaraparo (Vía Costa El Pilar) 604
Yaguaraparo (Vía Costa Rio Caribe) 612
Yaracal 287
Yaritagua (Vía Nirgua) 318
Yaritagua (Vía San Felipe) 348
Yoco (Vía Costa - Rio Caribe) 666
Yoco (Vía Costa El Pilar) 658
Zaraza (Vía Charallave) 397
Zaraza (Vía Costa) 478
Zaraza (Vía Dos Caminos) 437