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Condor Verde Travel

Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: 58212-6550101

Urbanización Prados del Este, Avenida Río Caura, Torre Humboldt, Nivel Mezzanina, Local 3,
1080 Caracas

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 8 AM - 6 PM. Weekends and Holidays Closed

Venezuela, a Caribbean jewel. Is a country of striking natural beauty. The snowcapped peaks of the Andes in the west; the Amazonian jungles in the south; the “Tepuyes”, tabletop mountains of the Gran Sabana plateau in the east; and endless white sand beaches adorned with coconut palms line the Caribbean coast. Venezuela is home to the mighty Angel Falls, the highest falls on earth, as well as Lake Maracaibo, South America's largest freshwater lake. Add over 1250 species of birds, 250 species of mammals, and a rich culture with Spanish, African and indigenous roots and you have an exotic destination. Venezuela is an ideal place for vacation, and a unique and proven destination for incentive travel.

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