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Condor Verde Travel

Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: 58212-6550101

Urbanización Prados del Este, Avenida Río Caura, Torre Humboldt, Nivel Mezzanina, Local 3,
1080 Caracas

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 8 AM - 6 PM. Weekends and Holidays Closed

If Germany were in the tropics, it would be exactly like the Colonia Tovar. If not for the occasional palm tree and the people who speak Spanish as they walk down the street, we might forget we're in Venezuela. This tropical paradise with a German touch, 1:30 hours from Caracas, wins us over with a relaxing atmosphere and a unique history. When Tovar was established by German immigrants in 1843, it was natural that the settlers build their town and act as any German community would. Since most of the immigrants were from the Black Forest of Bavaria, even today the town's Bavarian heritage is evident in its architecture, population, language and gastronomy. One reason that the culture has remained so strong in Tovar is the town's isolation from the rest of Venezuela. It was tradition for residents to marry only others from Tovar. The Spanish language wasn't introduced to Tovar until the 1940s. And only in 1963 was the first paved road connecting Tovar with Caracas completed. It is because of this isolation that even today the town appears to be a part of Germany somehow misplaced in South America. The German language and culture has been passed down from each generation to the next.

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